Google Adwords Specialists + Digital Marketing Consultation Services

Google Adwords Certified Digital Marketing Consultation Services for Hire

Adwords Search, Display, Video & Shopping Experienced + Certified

From Google Adwords management, amazing Adwords copy to copywriting and boosting your website with the latest in SEO/SEM practices, including a full range of digital marketing services, home and landing pages, Facebook advertising, mobile apps, we have a proven track record of success. We can show you the full data, which will blow your mind. Not just qualifications, experience drives our results.

Adwords Certifications

Consultation Fee

Assessing online presence, market potential and reporting this in a 45 minute presentation takes several man hours to produce. Presentations are painful to say the least.

We can do a short conversation/demo using and will tell you the basics of our assessment for your site and compatibility with Adwords. Call time is limited to 30 minutes.

If you need a written scope/presentation, we charge US$99 + 15% tax to be paid in advance – time is money.


Plans Offered

We offer 3 payment structures:

#1. Hourly rates.

#2. Monthly flat rate/or per project/task/monthly retainer + incentive payments.

#3. Negotiable percentage of your managed Adwords sales revenue minus the cost your budget spend (12-month agreement with our option to extend another 12 months every 12 months indefinitely.)

Training Services

We are not in the business of explaining what we do to clients while working on your account. If you would like Adwords or other digital marketing training services to better help you to understand what we do, organize a training session with us.

Prices start at US$150 + 15% tax per hour (one person.)